Entry #16

Today is a sad day

2015-04-09 22:27:23 by FoAngel

Today i mourn the sad lost of my bin, that has proudly displayed my NG allegience since the early 2000s. After a freak and tragic accident with a wayward tree branch, Binnie was never able to fully recover for the severe gash he obtained and had to be replaced by Binkey in the wee hours of this morning. Binkey being new would also like to show he's allegience to the tank, but alas i've no NG stickers.

This a cautionary tale, to keep your bins safe from the danger of tree branches and please take a moment out of your day to remember Binnie



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2015-04-10 02:14:30

Rest in pieces, Binjamin. :'(


2015-04-10 04:40:45

Sucks when you Dumping grounds gets whacked and you have to replace it.

Sometimes even the trash collector needs to go to the trash. ;_;


2015-04-13 05:35:31


but at least you have a sweet animated sig now


2015-04-13 20:38:44



2015-04-22 07:01:16

Trees love to aim for sun brittled plastic, don't they?

FoAngel responds:

Damn murder-suicide those things are


2015-04-25 01:08:07

That story is so sad. This sucks now I'm sad ;( . Poor Binnie. You did your Service Proud!


2015-04-26 19:14:54

RIP dear bin :-(


2015-04-28 03:07:31


FoAngel responds:

Do you work for Puma


2015-04-30 23:15:51

Hey, is anyone making you an NG birthday thread in General? I guess I could, though I wish I knew you better before proceeding! Also sorry, I haven't gone out to get a proper envelope yet, at least the mission was a success :) Can I send anything else along, like a few US single dollar bills, adverts, food packing, newspaper front page, flat stuff?

FoAngel responds:

Lol. Not that i'm aware of. You'd be the first, no one has ever made me a birthday thread XD. Sure send whatever, i'm generally a collector of stuff so anything extra in the envelope will make me happy


2015-05-01 18:48:35

Probably -the- worst birthday thread, I ever did do :(
Last night I took a selfie in GTA V (for the PC), with a sexy beefcake guy billboard in the background, with this thread in mind... can't find the folder that in-game pic is stored in! Hope it's not on some cloud somewhere. When did kid's games get so complicated?! Actually, it's probably the most adult game I've ever laid paws on - staggering graphics, complex shit to do... Do you game much?

FoAngel responds:

HA! Well as they say it's the thought that counts right. Kinda disappointed about the beefcake though wouldve be funny. I do play but I'm mainly a console baby rather than the pc superrace. I have.

Thanks again for the thread :P


2015-05-01 23:39:29

are you sure it wasn't the crocodiles?!


2015-05-03 17:06:27

If anything, it's the 10th birthday you'd most like celebrated... I think my 12th year here Viper did a B-day post for me, my first. Then again, I was still pretty wary of the BBS, even then.


2015-05-16 22:30:50

are you fat and chubby? i like that

FoAngel responds:

No, but i can certainly hook you up with someone that is :)


2015-05-20 05:45:19

T'is to saddening to sight upon your filth.
Get this trash outta here!

jk, poor Binnie... may he ride upon the currents of Nyx safely into the afterlife.


2015-06-18 20:14:11

Have you stickered up your new bin yet, or are you hanging onto the NG stickers for a more nefarious purpose? The only NG sticker I have used, is on the back of my pickup truck... it's not like they're making any more of them lol :(

FoAngel responds:

I've put a angreh faic and a tank sticker on my bin, had a neighbour ask where I got the stickers from. So I gave them a couple as well. I'm spreading the good word of NG :P.

I secretly wish one day they would open the shop again at least for stickers if nothing else


2015-06-26 03:13:10

I cried.


2015-08-15 17:12:48

RIP Binnie!


2015-08-25 02:47:20

Good afternoon. How is your day so far?

FoAngel responds:

My day is fantastic, how is yours?


2015-08-26 02:45:08

I recently mailed my Tankman and spare Penicorn to a fella from Adelaide, hoping to go back to the NG HQ later this year, gank me another one (for myself), along with some more stickers, maybe even get a contest going in the BBS.

You're very generous to give away your spare stickers! Hope you told them an old and lonely Yankee bachelor did you the favor :3 I'm almost considering moving to your country, might take a trip up to the consulate to see if I can come close to qualifying... Could you snap a pic of your new wheelie bin?

FoAngel responds:

Nice!, one of my best buds lives in Adelaide, nice place.

Well i got some from a few other people as well so i have a small stash now, which i have hidden. I'd like to think it's advertising for NG..heehee. As i said before you made my roommate very happy with the additional stuff you had in there thanks again.

I'll do one better ill take a picture of my bin and my neighbours bin who has now crossed over to the dark side


2015-08-26 03:14:20

I'd have to look again, but, wow, prices for flats, foods and stuff seem really low compared to the US! Sure does pay not to import too much cheap foreign shit, huh? America is awash with Chinese crapola, stupid new world order...

Ah, so you did have a small hoard of stickers, eh? Don't blame you for waiting for a few extras, before stickering up the new bin, that's something I would've done!

Kinda bummed the NG tank sticker on my truck's tailgate is starting to lose its bright orange glow after a year and a half :( So much for that UV protection they raved about in the old store... Cool, looking forward to the dual tank bins of doom!


2015-09-05 09:34:58

repperino in pepperoni binnie


2015-09-24 03:21:51

rip binnie, will be missed


2015-10-28 18:19:35

'93 til Infinity
"May his soul be carried away in a penicorn-drawn, flying tank up to NewGrounds Heaven, where he can indulge in all the hentai and school-shooting games a trash bin could ever dream."


2015-11-10 23:04:06

When were black&white stickers sold? I bought some stickers in like... mid 2000's I want to say? The only option available was full color!

FoAngel responds:

The used to be coloured but after years of being out in the sun the colours faded, you could only see the colours very faintly up close


2016-02-20 00:12:06

yo cool aura

FoAngel responds:

Thanks only the coolest people have it right :P


2016-02-20 03:18:27

Looking good all shrouded in Gold.

FoAngel responds:

I feel special now =3


2016-02-25 15:13:37

pls moderate my bby

FoAngel responds:

Oh all the time baby


2016-02-25 15:13:46

meant to say me


2016-02-25 16:39:31

Really liking your work lately, please continue locking things.


FoAngel responds:

Trying to make the world a better place one thread at a time


2016-02-28 19:38:23

If you want to just tell all of them that we've been having an affair, I don't mind. I am proud of our love.

FoAngel responds:

It's true, sevenseize and i are in love and that is how i became a mod, so we could conduct secret and arousing conversations without the prying eyes of others


2016-03-08 01:41:57

It's like an Aussie invasion of the BBS :O

FoAngel responds:

Isn't it wonderful! We're breeding like rabbits :P


2016-05-04 02:09:29


FoAngel responds:

Is delicious?


2016-05-06 02:07:31



2016-05-11 11:42:45

damn n***a you're a mod now like what

FoAngel responds:

Crazy right! Also welcome back. Long time no see


2016-05-11 11:42:55



2016-05-12 11:27:20

you should shave off the rest of my ban this is le bullshit


2016-05-17 17:35:48

Can we work out some sort of compromise?
I really never had a problem with the moderation around here,
and it's too brutal to wait a month to get back into the forums.
Please consider this too.

My internet connection is so slow I can't even log into newgrounds as I please.
It took me near half a month to log back into my home connection.
Matter of fact I can't even get back on because my terminal shut off, and this logged me out of newgrounds.
I'm at a local computer lab at the moment.

Besides its not like I actively seek trouble on this site.
People just tend to point out my opinions and how they don't coincide with their own.
Is there something wrong with this?
Clearly it's not the point but still.
I'm trying to get across here.

How about it?
A compromising deal on my part and we call it quits on the ban and be friends?
Seriously, have I ever wronged you before?
I figured we were on good ground with another anyhow.
It was why I was hoping you`d reconsider opening my thread which didn`t need to be locked in the first place.
Since a couple of pansies pretty thread-jacked it.
Think about it, I'll be waiting.

Thoughts have been spilled.

(Updated ) FoAngel responds:

Ok as long as you promise not to hurt my very delicate female feelings again.

How about I unban you instead.


2016-05-26 20:43:25

I promise not to violate your lady-feels ever again.


2016-06-30 05:02:00


FoAngel responds:

Why hello there good sir. How may I assist you today :P


2016-06-30 05:24:39

Eh, I'd ask for a gun, 2 bullets and a shot of whisky, but your people are disarmed... easy pickin's for the Chinese, if they should come a callin'. Going crazy, no car, what do you drive?

FoAngel responds:

Well we have an interesting scenario where bad guys kill each other here with their illegal guns.

Pfffffft drive, I am a professional pedestrian. Where I live being so close to buses and trains there was never an incentive to get my license


2016-06-30 06:54:02

Guess suggesting a game like GTA wouldn't go down well then... What about critter hunters, are crossbows legal at least? I'm going nuts not having a car, or a box trap, or a little rifle to shoot groundhogs, which taste pretty good.


2016-08-21 19:34:37

I'm hungry :-(

FoAngel responds:

I'm on my way! We'll make muffins and pancakes :3


2016-09-06 15:11:12

( o Y o )



2016-11-23 16:49:22


FoAngel responds:

Drunk people are the best :3


2016-12-11 00:44:38

Binnie will be missed. But he's happy that he's in a better place


2017-02-03 02:59:13

It's been almost a year. Make a new post.


2017-02-22 22:44:57

Binnie is in a better place he is watching over you.


2017-03-06 01:30:36

Newgrounds stickers on a trash can, how apt


2017-04-02 13:06:41

sorry about the lack of fleshlight talk, just that fat fuckface baldy has a boner for me and can't stop getting off to me in every thread and acting like an 11-year old in a 30 year old's body

I actually find these rubber cock-suction instruments sort of overrated, I have 2 others and I find that it doesn't sap the horniness out of me like stroking my gorgeous rod of justice with my hand where I feel like I'm bathing in soda

Update actually - I was in the middle of ramming my stick of glory in my new fleshlight and I couldn't feel shit so I got so pissed I took it out of the case and ripped it apart, it looks like it's been fucked up by a hacksaw and I left it in my kitchen garbage so I really hope my parents don't find it and worry if it's the residue of alien brains from when I went on an intergalactic space slaying massacre for my final college project for opera class


2017-11-05 23:27:57

RIP in piss. That's what happens when supporting sites that have turned to complete shit.

FoAngel responds:

It's a sticker. Not a visa card. Calm down sir