What makes you....

2011-01-20 00:53:52 by FoAngel

....so goddamn fucken special

P.S. Minecraft is awesome


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2011-01-20 03:13:20

My powerful imagination, my form, and my pseudo-Westerness.

FoAngel responds:

Pseudo-westerness?? Is that you John Wayne?

As in cowboy westerness educate me pl0x


2011-05-21 23:02:18

Is FoAngel still alive?


2012-02-28 17:18:47

You're back?? :O

FoAngel responds:

I am....my time has not been taken over by life and such....that and its the most entertaining thing to do in a hospital bed =3


2012-02-29 23:00:01

Hospital bed?!


What happened?

FoAngel responds:

got hit by an old person driving a car...that was fun in a painful way XD


2015-01-06 19:40:59

le fo angel

FoAngel responds:

<3 Omg <3


2015-01-06 23:11:25

sup niqqa


2015-01-09 18:50:15

The fact that I clicked on your icon to do some net snooping.

: Philosophical bs about what the word special means here.

Have a great weekend.

FoAngel responds:

Thats pretty darn special!

Hope you have a good weekend too =3


2015-01-09 20:44:39

someone born when your acc was made is a middleschooler bro

FoAngel responds:

much prefer the term brosephine......but jesus if only i knew what middleschool was


2015-02-01 19:55:11

what's up brosephine?

what's goin down brosis?

2003ers #unite

FoAngel responds:

brosis? thats a new one XD, the power of the '03 is strong


2015-02-03 00:26:50

hi there

FoAngel responds:

Good afternoon sir :)


2015-02-03 00:35:23

So I've been meaning to ask you, you've recently started posting here, what made you come back? :D

FoAngel responds:

Well it's simple really i dont often find like minded people in my day to day life, most people i work with are too normal and i cant exactly interact with the students i teach because that would be weird, so i came back here. Not an interesting story but still :3


2015-02-03 00:54:40

It';s interesting in regards that I finally have the answer to complete my life!

FoAngel responds:

Well in that case im glad to have helped :D


2015-02-05 03:30:49

Vanilla minecraft is pretty shit. Modded minecraft is pretty good tho.

FoAngel responds:

True, i'll only play on a server if they have buildcraft/industrial craft, that stuff is amazing. Recently started playing with GalacticCraft where you make spaceships to go to the moon and other planets but they havent implemented the "other planets" part yet


2015-02-05 07:55:26

I played a mod with galaticcraft in it. But i was too busy messing around with all the machines from build-craft to ever get to the moon. :(


2015-02-08 18:06:13

you know what makes me special? EH!


2016-10-13 13:36:38

I had an IQ of 160.